Identification of supplier access to the building entrance



The maintenance technician identifies automatically by means of a special sensor placed at the entrance of the building which will detect the supplier’s smartphone phone through a Bluetooth connection and send the company access information to the server inside the building. The information from the server will be notified on the smartphone of Administrator and Condominiums and will be visible to these by querying the server through the App. The supplying company, if it employs personnel, can receive the information only if it has previously agreed and obtained authorization from the trade unions in the category in compliance with the content and expected in Italy in art. 4 of the workers’ statute for subordinate employment according to changes made by the Jobs Act. For foreign countries, information to suppliers will be transferred in compliance with the regulations in force governing relations between employees and employers.


The supplier’s on-access identification message will contain information regarding the date, time of access, name and address of the building, name and duty of the supplier identified and, in the event it employs personnel, staff numbers regularly recruited also identified in access via smartphone in their possession.


Purely indicative image, not binding in the ways and in the form with which the information will be reported in the report available on server

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