Outgoing identification of the supplier at the end of the intervention



Once the work is complete, the maintenance technician and the operators used by him will be identified exiting the building by means of the sensor placed at the entrance and the report of the steps and intervention times carried out by each operator will be sent to the server using the App.


It should be noted that the information concerning the supplier and the related accesses related to the service provided will be sent only during the identification phase at the entrance to the building and in the exit one after which a time period of at least three hours has elapsed from the actual time of exit of the supplier from the building to be sure that the performance by the latter has really ended and that on the same day there are no other accesses inside the building by the same company. The system, therefore, as conceived in fact, does not monitor live the performance performed by the supplier thus ensuring its privacy during maintenance.


The administrator and the gentlemen condominiums can interrogate the server through the ID code and have access to the history of information concerning the interventions of the various maintenance carried out by the suppliers.


Purely indicative image, not binding in the ways and in the form with which the information will be reported in the report available on server

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