Operation description of the system IN-OUT TECHNOLOGY

First requirement satisfied by the App In-Out Technology


The application created in the Android environment allows you to automatically identify the supplier that accesses the building through appropriate equipment installed at the entrance to the building capable of detecting the presence by communicating through Bluetooth with the smartphone phones of the suppliers. This system allows greater control over the access of the personnel of the external maintenance companies that enter the building. The lords condominiums in fact before giving the consent to the opening of the entrance door have the ability to check if on their mobile phone within the App came the notification of the identification of the company that requires the opening of the door of entrance to be sure that they are not impostors who pretend to be fake maintainers want to sneak into the building.


According to requirement satisfied by the App In-Out Technology


At the end of the service, the system identifies the outgoing provider through its smartphone with Bluetooth enabled, will send the final performance report to the server and from this in turn on the mobile phones of administrators and condominiums who, at any time, can query the server using the App to receive information regarding the start and end times of the maintenance intervention with time scanning of the accesses of the monitored areas. If necessary, the information obtained can be used by the building administrator as a parameter or control tool to verify the adequacy of the cost of labor exposed in the invoice by the supplier.


Third requirement satisfied by the App In-Out Technology


The system envisaged by the App, if implemented with additional presence sensors beyond that installed at the entrance to the building, is able to monitor the suppliers’ steps in the areas that are to be monitored during maintenance. In the final report, once the service has been completed, by querying the server through the App, it will be possible to view the entry time, the supplier’s exit time from the building and the time-scan steps of the accesses made during maintenance work in the areas monitored. This operation allows a further control that allows to verify that the supplier complies with the contractual obligations agreed upon by contract, operating in all the areas of his competence.

Therefore, by implementing the number of sensors, the App has been designed to include the subdivision of the building into intervention circuits monitored through presence detectors that communicate via Bluetooth with the smartphone phones of the suppliers. If we take as an example a typical building intended for residential use, the division of the intervention circuits can be summarized as follows:


1) Cleaning Circuit

Includes: Ramps ramps, landing disembarking access to housing, stairwell floors, glass stairwells, lift cabin, box way corset, courtyard, cellars corridors


2) Lift circuit

Includes: Technical room elevator, elevator cabin, elevator doors


3) Thermal power plant circuit

Includes: Thermal plant technical room, Technical softener room, Water pumps technical room


4) Fire Circuit

Includes: Localization of all fire doors and all the means present for extinguishing the flames


5) Gardening Circuit

Includes: Garden area, perimeter area with hedges and more



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