Summary of monitoring phases

Summarizing the IN-OUT Technology app working in Android environment allows you to identify at the entrance any maintainer must interface with the building increasing the level of security against the intrusion in the building of unwanted people, and also allows you to gather back tracking information timing of the services performed by suppliers by indicating the accesses made by the latter in the areas subject to intervention, indicating the dedicated timing.


Everything is better specified in the diagram below



Supplier contract

To allow the use of the In-Out Technology App, the end user of the services provided by the supplier companies, such as a condominium, must provide in the contracts stipulated with the various supplier companies an appropriate clause in which the supplier is advised that the condominium has the access monitoring system governed and managed by the App In-Out Technology and that in order for a service to be paid, the supplier has the obligation to identify itself through the App.

In addition to this specification it will be necessary to clarify the obligation on the part of the supplier to inform its employees of the access monitoring system since the effects of the lack of information will be borne solely by the same company keeping the client unjust from any and all civil and criminal liability.

Regarding the privacy policy with particular reference to the changes introduced by the GDPR, the supplier with the signature of the contract will explicitly give his consent to the processing of company data and those of employees where, for the latter, the information managed by the App will concern only the serial number that identifies the employment in the company. The supplier, expressing its consent to the processing of company data and the personnel employed by it, is aware that the data collected during the access identification phase will be stored on a computerized medium and contained in a dedicated server dedicated to the App In-Out Technology, to be made available for consultation at any time by the administrator and only the lords condominiums resident in the building who will access you by means of the appropriate security ID code. The supplier undertakes under his sole responsibility to inform its employees of the modalities with which the data collected during the performance will be processed, obtaining from their relative written consent, the failure to communicate this information to the employees by the supplier will keep the Customer from any and every consequence derives in civil and criminal matters.

The staff of In-Out Technology to facilitate the management of contracts with suppliers, together with the order confirmation with which it will be appointed for the adoption of the App, will provide its customers with the contractual clause written by experts in legal matters it must be included in the contracts that these will stipulate with the various supplier companies for the services requested.

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